Raspberry’s Second Wind

The raspberries were the first fruit of the season starting in late May. We’ve been able to get a handful every day for the several weeks since then.  The first round is getting slower but there’s a whole new set of...

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Rasperries 6/23

It’s early June 2023 and the first fruit of the year is coming through. It’s Raspberries. These two photos are the haul from 6/1 and 6/2. The ‘golden’ ones started coming in sooner but the red ones are...

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Blueberry Bushes Added (1 of 3)

Added a number of new blueberry bushes since the bigger ones appear to be getting older and not as productive as they were. This is the box outside of the bedroom window on the patio. These two are both from Home Depot. The one...

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